About/ FILM

I've been shooting video for as long as I could lift a camcorder. I've been shooting good video since 2010 starting with short films in college. Film is a passion for me, watching, analysing and of course making anything and everything remotley video related.

In short I have and will shoot anything you want on just about anything you want. Events, functions, live video and anything fiction. I have experiance with most of the top end professional cameras, everything fron the Canon 5d to the Red Epic. 

I have worked on facebook apps, music videos, television adverts and in the upcoming Australian film "Wyrmwood" release date TBA

I've spent countless hours researching and saving for top quality gear at reasonable prices, why not share the love, all my gear is available for rental. 


Sony α57_

APS-C (Super 35) Sensor
Usable lowlight to 1600 ISO
24p at 28mb/s mpeg-II
60p at 24mb/s mpeg-II

Alpha Lens mount
Tilt, swivel monitor
Built in EVF

Red Head Lighting Kit_

800w Tungsten Lighting Kit
Industry Standard
3200K Colour Temp
Includes heat releasing Ring
and Barn doors
In Line Dimmer


Nest NT-7203AK Kit_

1.6m Full extension
Packs down Small
Max Load 8kg
Sturdy Aluminium Construction
Fully Modular
Adaptable to any situation.


Kamerar Rail System_

Manfrotto 501 Compatible
Qv-1 Compatible
Standard 12mm Rails

Gini Follow Focus_

Single Rail Design
No Play
Oversized grip for maximum precision
Removable marker plate

Rokinon 14mm Cinema Lens_

T3.1 Apeture
14mm Super Wide Frame
Low Distortion
Alpha Mount
Geared for follow focus
Clickless Apeture

Sigma 50mm EX DX HSM Lens_

F1.4 Apeture
50mm Standard Frame
Low Distortion
Smooth Focus Ring

Sigma 70-300mm MACRO Lens_

Variable Apeture 4.5-5.6
Long Range
Ideal for "Sniping shots"
1:2 reproduction Ratio